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Undeniable Greatness

Undeniable Greatness

I'm feelin so "Irreplaceable" but I'll give you the "Green Light" if you can see my "Halo" cuz im "Crazy In Love" wit ur "Ego" and you kno I kick it wit "Single Ladies" who all think they're a "Diva" and had me at "Hello" only to put my number in their "Video Phone" to tell me they were having "Deja Vu" about wearing their "Freakum Dress" in their "Sweet Dreams" or "Beautiful Nightmares"..LOL Tellin it like I see it and showin the Good the BAD and sometimes the TRULY UGLY! I'm BeyoncezSon for a reason...

”Shakira taught me how to belly dance, she taught me the whole routine. I used to watch her videos and I thought she was so cool. When she was teaching me the moves I thought, ‘This is crazy, Shakira is showing me how to belly dance! I got the best teacher’. We didn’t have a lot of time to come up with the choreography - most of it was done on the spot. I was just watching her and learning from her. It was so much fun, the best energy. She was really easy to work with, so sweet and humble.” - Beyoncé

(Source: -warlock)